HYACINTHE KULLER, Foremost American Contemporary Woman Artist

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Hyacinthe, self portrait, Madison Avenue ArtGallery, NYC
Hyacinthe and self portrait Madison Avenue Art Gallery, NYC
TWO WOMEN OF BEAUTY 2x3' oil on canvas early Hyacinthe
Available for the first time from original collector.
Updated Certificate of Authenticity, Appraisal, Provenance.

"MOTHER AND CHILD LOVE" Iconic 24 x 36" oil on canvas by Master Artist Hyacinthe Kuller Baron
"MOTHER AND CHILD LOVE" IS AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE THE 70'S FROM THE ORIGINAL FAMILY. A gift of love from the master artist HYACINTHE KULLER, and with an updated Appraisal and Certificate of Ownership and Provenance. This masterpiece is available to a new collector.

E-mail:, Tel: 760 408 1881
NEW EXHIBITION! Affordable Prints from the "ANIMAL KINGDOM" Series of original drawings and paintings available to order as fine art color prints 8x10". To order contact Sharon at 760 408 1881.
"Pegasus" 8x10" acrylic on canvas print. Affordable. To purchase contact Sharon 760 408 1881
"Pegasus" Original 18" x 24" on canvas, acrylic and pencil. Available as 8x10" affordable print, signed Hyacinthe.
WHALE 8x10" color print on paper.
WHALE: Original painting 4' x 5' acrylic on canvas, available as an affordable 8x10" color print on paper. To order contact Sharon 760 408 1881.
Hyacinthe with fine art dealer Herbert A. Starr and a Mother and Child Icon painting
Hyacinthe with Fine Art Dealer Herbert A. Starr in the 1960's and one of the ICON Mother and child paintings, oil on canvas, 2x3'. Distributor to finest art galleries, custom furniture store galleries world wide.
Hyacinthe's Art has been featured in Motion Pictures, including "Six Degrees of Separation: Mother and Child Lithograph prominently displayed in a long scene in the Living Room: "The Secretary" a Father and Son Lithograph featured on the wall in the main office and Television, on the Nate Berkus TV show on NBC.
As Long As The Heart Can Feel, 12/175 edition original lithograph signed Hyacinthe Kuller, newly framed, carved wood silver, acid free mat, under glass
Marilyn Monroe, beautiful drawing captures expression and is beautiful example of Hyacinthe's drawing skills. Now available for the first time in 40 years, from new owners. Contact Sharon for details, appraisal and to make an offer.
Three Women" Hyacinthe Kuller, 2'x3' oil on canvas, rare trilogy of proud independent women. Contact us for availability and appraisal values.
"TWO BEAUTIFUL WOMEN", 24 X36" OIL PAINT, PAYNES GRAY PIGMENT AND EARTH GREEN WASHES WITH SEPIA TONES. CONTEMPORARY Modern interpretation of the female aspect by Artist Hyacinthe Kuller. Framed in Belgian carved wood, distressed, and gold molding trim with a beige linen liner, 49.5x20.5". Contact us to inquire about price and shipping.
Two Women, Hyacinthe Kuller, oil on canvas, 2'x3' early image of independent women. Contact us for availability and pricing.
"The Child Dreaming...Alll Else Continuing" Mother and Child Lithograph, edition of 175
"The Child Dreaming, All Else Continuing..." Mother and Child Lithograph, Edition #53of 175. For information about purchasing this lithograph contact Sharon Cooper to make an offer.
Featured on Nate Berkus NBC TV Show Natiionwide: Hyacinthe Kuller "Girl With Flowers" 9x12" $17,000.00.
Hyacinthe Kuller "Baron" Title "Girl With Flowers" 9x12" oil on board $17,000.00 Featured on "Nate Berkus" NBC TV Show Nationwide on F
THREE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, 2x3' oil on canvas, beautiful early example of a trilogy theme featuring modern women in classical portrraiture. Available from Owners. Contact for more information.
Hyacinthe Kuller Publicity, Media, Newspapers Nationwide
Rock Hudson Portrait by Hyacinthe for the Aids Foundation, CA
Rock Hudson Portrait y Hyacinthe for the Aids foundation of California
Hyacinthe Laguna Exhibit, Laguna Beach, CA
Laguna Beach CA Tion Gallery Exhibition Hyacinthe Paintings and Sculpture
FORTHCOMING! "Hyacinthe For the Artistic Spirit" full color Fine Art Book of Hyacinthe's Poetry and original Artworks. Order your advance signed copy, contact Sharon.
"Mother and Child", 2x3' oil on Canvas, Hyacinthe Kuller Iconic theme. Carved wood gold molding trim with an off white linen liner.
Artist Hyacinthe Kuller Baron Iconic Original Paintings, Miniatures, Lithographs, Drawings, Available for Sale from Private Collectors
"Behold A Woman" 59/175 original limited edition of 175, on arches archival, signed in pencil, Hyacinthe Kuller
Cool Tones 6x8: Miniature in carved frame
Girl in Hat, Miniature Painting on board, 6x8" elaborate carved frame
Spring Bonnet, Miniature painting in oil on board, 9x12" linen liner, carved frame
"Beautiful Woman", 2x3' oil painting on canvas, burnt sienna, pigment, gold, sepia, pigments and washes by Hyacinthe Kuller
"Boy With Balloon, Mini Lithograph, A/P from an edition of Signed and Numbered Lithograph , signed Hyacinthe Kuller, black and white ink on Arches Archival, 10x13"
"Two Beautiful Girls" 2X3' original oil on canvas by Hyacinthe Kuller, 2x3' Contemporary modern, framed, carved gold 30x40"
"My Dearest Child", 2x3' oil on canvas, framed, carved gold with beige liner, signed Hyacinthe Kuller
Young Girl with Hair Bows by Hyacinthe Kuller, 20x24", oil on canvas yellow ochre, raw sienna, available
"Beautiful Woman", 24x36" oil on cnvas by Hycinthee Kuller, framed: carved wood with gold trim,burnt Siennapigment and washes, sepia tones and green pigment. Available
Hyacinthe Kuller early Mother and Child 2x3" oil on canvas
"Mother and Child" 2x3" oil on canvas, heavy pigment with subtle washes in earth tones with touch of blue. Framed
"FIRST KISS" To The Dreams and First Found Loves" Artist's Proof, Lithograph edition of 175 hand colored touches of green
128/200 Miniature Lithograph, "BOY WITH DOG" Signed Hyacinthe Kuller
"Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" 19/175 Original Lithograph Hyacinthe Kuller
"TWO TOGETHER", original stone lithograph, signed and numbered limited edition,47 of 175, archival paper, Hyacinthe Kuller
"Two Together"
"TWO TOGETHER", orifginal stone lithograph, signed and numbered limited edition, 47 of 175 Hyacinthe Kuller
"MOTHERLY LOVE" Original lithograph signed and numbered edition, Mother and child by Hyacinthe Kuller
Motherly Love, Original Lithograph signed in pencil by Hyacinthe Kuller, 161-175 on archival Arches paper.h
BEAUTIFUL DRAWING "GIRL" 11x14" oil, framed under glass
BEAUTIFUL 'GIRL' drawing 11x14
DRAWING beautiful oil 11x14 GIRL
MINIATURE, oil and pencil on board, elaborate gold frame by Hyacinthe
AVAILABLE for RESALE: MOTHER AND CHILD ORIGINAL PAINTINGS from Private Collections. Please inquire regarding values of available paintings, lithographs and drawings. Many of the art works are no longer available however giclee's may be ordered of many of the Hyacinthe Kuller copyrighted images posted to this website.
Mother and Child Paintings considered ICONS, From Private Collections. For Prices, Make an Offer, Discuss Payment and shipping Arrangements and Terms, Six Month Financing, No Interest, Free Shipping, Three Day Return Policy, More: Contact Sharon by Telephone: 760 408 1881, E-mail: .
Available paintings offered here are from Private Collectors. Please contact Sharon for current Appraisals and to make an offer. 760 408 1881 or email:
All images are protected by international copyright laws and may not be used without consent of the artist, Hyacinthe Kuller Baron.

Mother and Child Classic oil on canvas 2x3' early work by Hyacinthe
"MOTHER AND CHILD" Serigraph, Artist's Proof, 5 colors, 18x24", matted and framed under glass.
MAGNIFICENCE OF MOTHERLY LOVE by Hyacinthe Kuller, 2x3' oil on canvas, original frame imported from Belgium Stressed wood black, carved gold molding, linen liner
Mother and Child Painting
2' x 3' Oil paint on canvas from early in Hyacinthe's career. "The Mother and Child has been a favorite subject of mine. By limiting the color to the rich earth tones, as in this painting, I hope to portray the deep sense of love. I feel I have succeeded admirably in achieving the deep emotions between the two figures in one of my finest paintings." Hyacinthe
The painting is being offered by the original owner and is located in New York.

Mother and Child's Sleep of Love, 2x3' oil on canvas, framed, by Hyacinthe Kuller
Mother and Child's Sleep of Love, 2x3' oil on canvas framed by Hyacinthe Kuller
"Mother and Child's Sleep of Love"
2x3' Oil on Canvas
Heavy pigment of oil paints and subtle washes of earth tones. Quote from the original owner:
"During the late sixties we saw this original painting by Hyacinthe Kuller in an art gallery
in New York City. My wife and I loved this painting with its warmth and expression of love.
This beautiful work of art has been in our collection all these years.
It is now time to find a new and loving home.

"Nurture" A Mother's Love" by Hyacinthe Kuller. Very early mother and child as the eyes are closed on both figures. 2x3' Oil on canvas, carved frame. Earth tones.Contemporary Modern Painting is an exemplary example of a rare early oil painting on canvas. Hyacinthe art collector Martha Raye declared, "In paintings such as this, Hyacinthe gives expression to her subjects that goes beyond the ordinary to the realm where the deepest feelings reside."
"Nurture" A Mother's Love"
"Nurture" A Mother's Love", 2x3' very early, oil on canvas
"Sleep My Darling Child", 2' x 3' Oil on canvas, frame: Carved wood, gold molding trim, black insert, off white linen liner. Mother and Child, Contemporary Modern, Figurative, Expressionistic. This painting belonged to the current owner's mother since 1969 in New York and was displayed for over 35 years in the living room until it passed from mother to son.
"Sleep My Darling Child", 2x3' oil on canvas, framed
"Sleep My Darling Child", 2x3' oil on canvas, framed
"SERENITY" Mother and Child, 2x3' Framed, Gorgeous color, virtuoso brushwork by Hyacinthe Kuller, Original Owner
"SERENITY" mother and child, 2x3' framed
"SERENITY", Mother and child, 2x3' framed
" A Mother's Embrace", 2'x3' Hyacinthe, circa early 1960's, oil on canvas. Available from the original collector in possession since 1967. Inquire about this exquisite early Hyacinthe.
Hyacinthe Kuller, early mother and child oil painting on canvas, imported carved wood gold frame
Mother and Child, early original Hyacinthe Kuller painting, oil on canvas,2' 3' gold imported carved wood frame
Quote from current owner: "During the late sixties we saw one of Hyacinthe Kuller's original mother and child paintings in a newly decorated Park Avenue apartment in Manhattan. We loved the painting as it embraced you with its warmth and feelings of love. We learned that the artist was painting in Greewich Village in New York, and hoped to acquire one of her art works. Within 8 months we found this original oil of a Mother and Child by Hyacinthe. This beautiful work of art, "A Mother's Embrace" has embraced two of our homes for 45 years. Everyone is drawn to its beauty and warmth."
MOTHER & CHILD, "Mother Holding her Daughter, Like a Rose About to Unfurl" Early oil on canvas 2x3' by Hyacinthe Kuller
"MOTHER AND CHILD" Early Hyacinthe Kuller 2x3' copyright oil on canvas
Mother and Child, 2'x3' oil on canvas "To Feel You in My Arms"
Adoration, Mother and Child, Hyacinthe Kuller, oil on canvas, 2x3', framed. Available for the first time, a rare early piece. The eyes are closed, later, as the public became more aware of Hyacinthe's paintings of Mothers and Children, the eyes were opened in direct confrontation with the viewers.
"Watching Over My Sleeping Child"
"WATCHING OVER MY SLEEPING CHILD" by Hyacinthe Kuller, Mother and Child, 2'x3', no frame, earth tones, oil on canvas
Adoration, Mother and Child, framed 24x36 canvas oil painting
"Adoration, Mother and Child", framed, oil on canvas, 2x3' Mother and child Hyacinthe Kuller
SLEEP MY GROWING CHILD Hyacinthe Kuller oil on canvas 2x3' Mother and Child from early period in Hyacinthe's career. The eyes on both are closed. Original imported Belgian frame.
Mother and Child Lithographs for Resale signed Hyacinthe Kuller
"Future Dreams of Two" Original Lithograph by Hyacinthe Kuller, 42/175
"MOTHERHOOD" Artist's Proof One of the most popular Hyacinthe Kuller Lithos
Motherhood" Artist's Proof by Hyacinthe Kuller, 1 of 5 in the Smithsonian.
"Motherhood" One of the most popular lithograph editions, sold out upon publication. We have Artist's Proofs and signed and number pieces from an edition of 175 Lithograph by Hyacinthe Kuller. A/P one of 5 in the Smithsonian.For details and pricing and availability contact
MOTHERHOOD, ARTIST'S PROOF,HAND PAINTED Burnt Sienna Oil, Rare, only a few rendered out of 5 AP's and edition of 175
"Girl Looking Up" a colorful miniature oil painting on board. Red an Ochre pigments and washes with pencil. Elaborate Carved Wood Gold Frame and Linen Liner.
"Girl Looking Up"
"Girl Looking Up" Miniature painting on board, 5 x 7" Hyacinthe, Carved Gold Frame
"Two Children with Florals" 2x3, Hyacinthe original, oil on canvas.
Two Girls, Hyacinthe, Two Children with florals
Two Girls, Two children with Florals, 2x3
"TOGETHER" Two Children from the private collection of a Hyacinthe Art Dealer
Together 30 x 40 " oil on canvas
Together 30 x 40 " oil on canvas
"Young Girl" beloved oil painting from collection of a Private Hyacinthe Art Dealer.
Girl With Pet Toy by Hyacinthe Kuller
Girl With Pet Toy
"Boyhood" Hyacinthe oil painting
"Boyhood" original oil painting by Hyacinthe, gold, carved wood imported frame.
Lithographs of Children, from sold out signed and numbered editions published in New York and California
                        Hyacinthe Kuller Baron       
              Original Lithograph Story

                       Signed and numbered by the hand of Hyacinthe Kuller  
       Limited Edition Lithograph Editions:  175 plus 5 Artist’s Proofs, 2 Printer’s proofs
 in the SMITHSONIAN and other Private, Public, Celebrity and Museum Collections.
                            Contemporary Modern Graphic Prints
Arches Archival paper in black lithographic ink  Framed:   Under Glass
The original stone or plate on which the original drawing was inked for printing during an uninterrupted run was  destroyed in view of the artist by the Printer applying an Arabic and permanent dissolving solutions which renders any additional prints of the original drawing unprintable. 
The signed and numbered contemporary Lithographic editions Hyacinthe created  have continually increased in value during her long and very successful career.
 On the east coast she was commissioned by Bermond Ltd. and was published and mentored in the graphic techniques on stone by Burr Miller of George Miller and Son, two of the finest lithographic craftsmen.
On the west coast, commissioned by Graphic Art Galleries and Collier Coleman, she worked with Lynton Kistler and his new invention, aluminum plates ground to resemble the texture of lithographic stone and printed on a giant old printing press made in France. There Hyacinthe met many celebrity artists such as Paul Winchell, Ventriliquist and others, and taught John Lennon the techniques of working directly on the plates for his production of the suite of drawings for "Bag One". Hyacinthe graphic prints made art history when
the published editions sold out at art auctions nationwide  art galleries and frame shops and today, when the rare piece becomes available for resale, the lithographs continue to sell privately.

Each Lithograph offered on this site comes with a current Appraisal and updated Certificate of Authenticity and Provenance and  is registered to the Catalog Raisonne currently being compiled by The Hyacinthe Art Museum Archival Trust. 

The artist Hyacinthe Kuller Baron and her estate retain the copyright and according to International Copyright Laws may use the image in other media such as incorporation into Giclees, Fine Art reproductions, the design of book covers, posters, films, exhibitions, web sites, Catalog Raisonne and the like.
Contact To make an offer, discuss shipping details and prices, payment plans and other information send an email to  or call 760 408 1881 and ask for Sharon.

Iconic Images of Children, Original Frames, Lithograph Editions, signed Hyacinthe Kuller and numbered or artists proofs, , Contact Hyacinthe for prices, to make an offer and payment arrangements. 760 408 1881, E-mail:
The "Easy Rest", signed and numbered in pencil by Hyacinthe Kuller, 140/175, under glass. Original owner, "Hurricane Sandy forces Sale. At the time we purchased Hyacinthe's beautiful artworks at an art auction in New Jersey in 1970, my husband and I had just built a home. As two teachers we were so taken by the gorgeous children in Hyacinthe's art works, their innocence just shines through for us. We are reluctant to part with both our pieces, however the defvastation of the hurricane caused unbelievable havoc and discomfort. We hope it goes to a new owner who will appreciate and love this piece as we have."
Easy Rest 140/175
Lithograph "The Easy Rest" 140/175 archival edition Hyacinthe Kuller
"Where The Child Wandered Alone" a line from Walt Whitman's "Out of the cradle endlessly rocking" in an AP/175 Original sold out Lithograph by Hyacinthe Kuller. Hand Colored on archival paper printed in black printer's inks.
"Sweet Dreamer" Print reproduction of original signed and numbered lithograph edition of 175
"Sweet Dreamer" Print reproductiion
"Sweet Dreamer" Print reproduction in an unlimited edition after an original artist's proof
"A Boy Who Only Cared to Play" Delightful miniature version original lithograph with hand colored touches of blue and burnt sienna
A Boy Who Only Cared to Play #7 of 75
A Boy Who Only Cared To Play" Original small lithograph 12x27" Framed and matted hand colored 12"x27"
"To the Dreamers" Hyacinthe Kuller Lithograph, 46/175 hand painted washes of pale blue and pink. Black lithographic ink on archival arches paper. 14 x 17" image, 23.5 x 20.5 Frame archival mat, under glass.
"To The Dreamers" pink and blue hand painted Lithograph by Hyacinthe Kuller #46/175
"To The Dreamers" 46/175 hand painted lithograph by Hyacinthe Kuller
"The World is Full of Hope" Girl and Boy holding that represents the world in their hands as the future seen in a crystal ball. Unique original lithograph pencil signed Hyacinthe Kuller
"The World is Full of Hope" Unique original lithograph
"The World is Full of Hope" Unique original lithograph, Framed, signed Hyacinthe Kuller in pencil

This rare lithograph displays the rare and exemplary drawing skills and talents. A perfect example of emotionally charged intense psychological portraits of children in the impressionistic, modern contemporary style for which Hyacinthe Kuller has become well known. The focus is on the eyes looking to the ball that represents the world. The details are emphasized to sharpen the features an capture the meaning of the look in their eyes.
To purchase and for an Appraised retail value contact us at or call 760 408 1881.

Mini Lithograph 200 edition. "GIRL FEEDING TOAST TO RAGGEDY ANN DOLL". A most beloved image from the series of CHILDHOOD lithographs published in the early 1970's at the Lynton Kistler Atelier in Los Angeles Ca. and commissioned by Collier Coleman and Graphic Art Galleries. Sold out at Art Auctions nationwide. We have numbered pieces and some Artist's Proofs available.
"Boy With Baseball cap and Bat" color washes
"Boy With Baseball Cap and Bat and Mitt, Small Lithograph 10 x 14" number 53 of 250. Hyacinthe, mat and Black Frame, pale ochre and pink color washes
Boy with Balloon.
Boy With Balloon, Mini Lithograph from a sold out edition.
Ahead of their time. Beautiful, proud, independent, the paintings of women by Hyacinthe Kuller from the late 60s pre-dated women's lib and inspired a generation.
"THREE WOMEN" From the Cassandra's Tear Trilogy by Hyacinthe Kuller, 36x48" Oil on Canvas
"THREE WOMEN" Hyacinthe,36" X4*" OIL ON CANVAS, 1960. FIRST TIME OFFER FROM Original Owner, from the Cassnadra'a Tear Trilogy
Rare Beautiful Women signed and numbered lithograph 172/175 sold out edition
"Behold A Woman"
"Behold A Woman" 172/175 sold out edition of signed and numbered lithographs
"THE THREE GRACES" Hyacinthe Original Oil Painting on canvas, 3'x4', from the Cassandra's Tear Trilogy
. For the first time ever, available from a private collector, original paintings and silk screen prints from the "TRILOGY" SERIES
White Bear's Daughter, Serigraph, 216/450
White Bear's Daughter from the Cassandra's Tear Trilogy Suite by Hyacinthe Kuller Baron
White Bear's Daughter, original oil painting on canvas, 3 x 4 ' by Hyacinthe from the Cassandra's Tear TrilogySeries of paintings, giclees and published books.
The Original oil painting by Hyacinthe Kuller was inspired by the artist's experiences living in a Frank Lloyd Wright house in the desert on the outskirts of Scottsdale near Taliesin West in the eighties. A series of studies, sketches and paintings that have been invorporated into exhibitions from the published books of the Cassandra's Tear Trilogy, The Secret of White Bear's Daughter, available on www.barnes&  and This mythological series was derived from a meeting between Hyacinthe and White Bear at an exhibition of her art in Sedona, AZ. White Bear hugged the artist after viewing a painting of a large portrait of an elder Indian painted before they ever met. One of the spiritual leaders of the Hopi nation, the chief confided a secret that inspired all the works in the series,
Currently available from the original owner, please contact for information and to make an offer.

The Magnificent Horses of Hyacinthe Kuller Baron, oil on canvas.
"Ghost Horses" by Hyacinthe Kuller 48" x48" oil on canvas
"Ghost Horses" by Hyacinthe Kuller 4' x4' oil on canvas
"Ghosthorses" 4'x4' oil on canvasCreated during the early 1960' and 1970's and 80's during which the artist intensely studied, sketched and painted the subject of horses using as models the stable of more than forty Ariabian, Quarter and Harness and riding horses owned by the artist and her husband Ed Baron in upstate New York. The artist often explored the relationship of the forms in space and often incorporated more than one horse in masterful compositions.
Available from the original owner for the first time. For more information contact

PEGASUS 1 MYTHOLOGICAL 2X3' OIL ON CANVAS Hyacinthe Kuller, famed for horse paitings collected world wide, adapts the muscular structure of the horse with the addition of wings and a mystical figure from ancient mythology
Private Collections. Available for resale as a collection or as individual works of art. To discuss current retail vallues of each piece or special pricing on entire collection contact us.
mini painting boy with baseball cap and mitt
Mini Painting, Boy with baseball cap and mitt
mini litho, boy with cat, hand colored
"Mini Litho Boy with cat, hand painted
NEWS FLASH! Martha Raye' Portrait by Hyacinthe Kuller Stolen!
A younger, brunette Hyacinthe with portrait and Martha Raye.

Portrait of superstar Martha Raye and a young brunette Hyacinthe Kuller Baron.
From the Martha Raye Private Collection of Hyacinthe's art, the portrait is being offered for the first time by Maggies widower.
2' x 3' oil on canvas, commissioned by director Lee Guber during the star's appearance in a play produced at the Valley Forge Dinner Theater.
Maggie loved the portrait so much it was always prominently featured in her home and she commissioned Hyacinthe to execute a portrait of her best friend Joan Crawford. Martha Raye became godmother to Hyacinthe's son Christopher Baron in 1972. The appraised value  $350,000 .  "Maggie's" portrait once it gets out that it is missing among her millions of fans and especially her service comrades met on  tours with Bob Hope. Also missing is the Medal of Freedom awarded the star and nurse by President Clinton.

The Hyacinthe Art Gallery, El Paseo, Palm Desert, CA. "In Search of Ancient Spirits" Documentary Video now in the permanent collection of The Museum of New Art, Detroit, Mi. From The Museum Without Walls, A Project of the Hyacinthe Art Museum Trust.
Hyacinthe Art Gallery, Palm Desert, CA. "In Search Of Ancient Spirits" Exhibition after the Documentary Video in the Museum of New Art, Detroit, MI.

Hyacinthe Kuller-Baron Contemporary Artist
Available Iconic Paintings
Copyright: All images on this site are the copyright of the artist and may not be used for any purpose without the express consent of the artist, her representatives and heirs according to international copyright laws.

How does a contemporary painting become an Icon? When the artwork is signed  Hyacinthe Kuller,  part of a collector�s life for 40 years, and remains valid, relevant and beloved today as in the past.
        Baron Gallery is the authentic representative of the art of Hyacinthe Kuller Baron and proudly displays and offers Hyacinthe's art works newly released from private collections and available for resale to new and old collectors.
        Hyacinthe's Iconic  Paintings, Miniatures and signed and numbered pieces from sold out Lithographic editions on the themes of Mother and Child, Children and Women were executed in the 1960's and 70's and never again addressed by the artist as she continued to grow and change throughout her career.
Today Hyacinthe�s contemporary images of women, and mothers and children stand as Icons of artistic expression of the beauty of the female spirit.  Currently Hyacinthe�s paintings begin in the $35,000�s. Most are in the $70,000.00 to $350,000 and up price range.  
        It is not only their value that makes Icons of Hyacinthe�s paintings from this era, it is the evidence of artistic talent, masterful technique, knowledge of the figure, and display of undeniable inspiration and emotion, the freedom of stroke,  the sense of movement in time, of moments before and after, the dripping of paint, stark shadows that delineate form and draw the viewer in to complete the figures and to see images derived from their own imaginations. An Icon is still  emotionally effective today.
        Today new collectors  join those from the past:  Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Martha Raye, Malcom Forbes, Maude Adams, Joan Lunden, Jack Benny, Rod McKuen, Fred de Cordova, Joan Crawford, Charles Mingus, Ambassador and Mrs. Bartle Bull, Princess Luciana Pignatelli, John Lennon, Hal Linden, and so many more, private collectors and public institutions. Hyacinthe  galleries on Madison Avenue, NYC, Palm Desert, Beverly Hills, CA, welcomed collectors throughout the years.  With the advent of virtual galleries on the internet, notoriety and fame has increased and spread world-wide. Hyacinthe's art has been exhibitied in fine art galleries, museums and private collections and sold through fine art auctions and art galleries throughout the U.S., London, Japan, Belgium, France and Italy. 
Visit www.,,,,,,, and, publishers of fine art full color books and hand touched Giclees and many other fine art web sites on the internet.

Hyacinthe Kuller Baron Exhibit and Sale of Contemporary Paintings, Miniatures, Lithographs of Mothers & Children, Children and Women from Private Collections
Original Silk Screen Print in Color After a black and white edition
First Kiss
Silk Screen Mother and Child
Mother and Child silk screen numbewr 7/250. Printed on Arches archival beighe paper with deckle edges in five colors on five separate screens. HYACINTHE ART MUSEUM ARCHIVAL TRUST, Original Artworks by Hyacinthe Kuller posted to this website have been added to the ARCHIVAL TRUST REGISTRY AND CATALOG. GICLEES AND PRINTS OF THESE WORKS ARE AVAILABLE TO ORDER. CONTACT SHARON, CURATOR, 760 408 1881,
Archived Mother and Child Paintings by Hyacinthe Kuller
Closeup of child's head with the stark alizaron crimson and earth green oil pigments resulting in warm earth toned washes. Is that a tear emanating from the child's left eye?
Mother and Child. The simple title speaks volumes. This exquisite, very early example of the subjects by Hyacinthe captures all the emotional feelings of the mother as she looks down at her child who appears to be preparing to leave her arms.
Closeup of the idealized Mother, looking down at her child, avoiding confrontation with the viewer.
If your favorite original painting of Mother & Child is no longer posted or is no longer available please inquire if a beautiful hand touched by Hyacinthe GICLEE, 2'x3' on canvas, ready to hang from a limited edition of 100 signed pieces is available to order. To order a G ICLEE with a special inscription from Hyacinthe contact Sharon at 760 408 1881 or email:us at We pay shipping.
Mother and child with red and yellow flowers, 2' x 3' oil on canvas, original gold frame, reds,yellow, ochres, burnt sienna
The Mother and Child has always been a favorite subject of the artist Hyacinthe Kuller Baron. By limiting the color to the rich warm earth tones, as in this special painting, the artist hoped to portray the deep sense of love and bonding. She suceeded in portraying the deep emotions and love between the two in one of the artist's favorite paintings.

"Tzarist Dream"
Rare early piece on an unusual mother and child theme. "TZARIST DREAM" isa contemporary figurative expressionistic image on canvas, size 24" x 36". Painted in oil in vivid burnt sienna, and paynes gray. Heavily pigmented and dripping, controlled wahes create a variety of cool and warm earth tones. The details of the features are rendered in sharp clarity of line and brushstroke. This techique has become the hall mark of Hyacinthe's process.
Inspired by images from the classic film, "Ivan the Terrible" by Sergei Eisenstein the great Russian Director, the artist has captured the fear and emotion of a mother prepared to protect her son at all costs. More, the mother's determination to see her simple child become the next Tzar of all the Russias.
Purchased by the current owner's mother, since passed away, this painting languished in a basement, this painting is available for the first time in almost 40 years. It is still in the original carved wood frame with black painted insert, gold trim and linen liner.

"WE ARE ALL CONNECTED from Museum Exhibit & Gala Fundraiser under auspices of the National Kidney Foundation Inquire about being a sponsor
WE ARE ALL CONNECTED The series dedicated to Ed Baron "Death Distorts the Living. 4x4' mixed media with plastic tubes connected to a portable dialysis machine and red "blood" fluid flowing when buttons are pressed.
ONE-OF-A-KIND ORIGINAL DRAWINGS & Oil & Pencil Miniature Paintings on Board
"YOUNG BOY" Original drawing by Hyacinthe Kuller
"WOMAN" Miniature Oil Painting on Gesso Board in broad washes and pigmented brush drawing.
"Woman" Contemporary Modern Miniature Painting in Oil paint on Gesso Board. A rare and exemlary dislay of Hyacinthe's virtuoso use of drawing with a dray brush and watercolor wash technique. A rare example of the fluid brushwork and emotionally charged style. The closed eyes indicate this is an early work from the artist's long career. Signed "Hyacinthe".

An Artistic Spirit, original painting by Hyacinthe, oil on canvas
"An Artistic Spirit Miniature Painting, Oil on bgoard, 16x20" Original portrait inspired by expression of creativity by Hyacinthe
Mythic PaintingS and Serigraphs from the Catalog
"Daughter of the Wind" from Cassandra's Tear Trilogy
 Mythic Painting

“Daughter of the Wind”
Subtitled “Cassandra Nagual and grand daughter Cassandra, The Women of the Taiowa Tribe”

From the Cassandra’s Tear Trilogy

This Contemporary Modern, Expressionistic,  Figurative painting is an original rendered in the 1980’s by the artist and signed Hyacinthe.  Canvas Size is  48”x48”, 1" depth, stretched. The palette consists of oil colors, Paynes Gray pigments and gray washes, Irridecent silver and gold, with Burnt Sienna  accents and marble dust. 
The sense of movement is captured with only the essential lines and inferred sense of form. The light and shaded washes are the trademark of Master Artist Hyacinthe Kuller Baron whose influences have been Marcel Duchamp, Michelangelo, and Raphael.  Hyacinthe is also a sculptor, published author and produced playwright, video film maker, gallery owner, and a Graphic and Fashion and Home furnishings designer. Distributed world-wide her works are in the Smithsonian, Detroit Mona and other museum, private and celebrity collections.
According to the hierarchical order of creation of the works in the Mythic series, “The Cassandra’s  Tear Trilogy” this painting  is especially valuable as one of a series of  masterful mythological paintings inspired by the themes  described in the published books written by artist/author Hyacinthe Kuller Baron and published  in the 80’s.  The books are still in print and vailable to order:,
“In this painting the female represents the warrior woman who will evolve into the “beauty of the human spirit”. My art is ‘Transmigrational” a phrase I use to express my concern with an aesthetic  ideal so the duality of human nature becomes an expression of harmony.”  Hyacinthe Kuller Baron
The Cassandra's Tear Trilogy books are available to order directly from the artist with an original sketch, dedication and signature.
          The following Press Release is available to the media and any museum or other exhibition curator or art critic who expresses interest and requests more information on this masterpiece by artist Hyacinthe Kuller Baron.
Press Release:
For Immediate release: 2010
Public Relations contact:, 760 408 1881
Artist/Author Hyacinthe Kuller Baron
Creates Her Own Mythology In A  Suite Of Mythic Paintings And Published Books Based On
‘The Cassandra’s Tear Trilogy”
Artist and Author Hyacinthe Kuller Baron creates her own mythology in the Paintings and Giclee Prints and published books that comprise “The Trilogy of Cassandra’s Tear, White Bear’s Daughter”.
Book I: Echo of a Scream, Book II: Echo of a Voice, and Book III: Echo of a Silence are
based on a “secret” given the artist by White Bear, a Hopi Spiritual leader,at the time he was to appear in Supreme Court trial between the Hop and he Navajo.
The  Myth is the epic story of  three childhood friends with a secret and an artist’s dreams of expressing the beauty of the human spirit.
The major works of art, the suite of Paintings, Giclees and Published books,
are inspired by a  mythological horse, “The White Stallion” and it’s owner Tantalayou  and of The Black Stallion known as Heoto, the twin Leader’s of the mysterious Tribe of the Taiowa living in the “Desert of Ran” in the Southwest and both lovers of the secretive Prophetess Cassandra, whom none will believe, as she announces that this may be the fifth and last world unless mankind acts to forestall the aberrations being perpetrated against humanity and the earth.
For the first time in 20 years one of the master paintings from the suite, Hyacinthe Kuller Baron’s “Daughter of the Wind”, 4’x4’ Oil on Canvas, Painting, Figurative, Contemporary, Expressionist, currently valued at $350,000.00 represented by in San Diego, CA.
Giclee: A fine art print is available in the original painting’s size of four feet by four feet and embellished and signed by Hyacinthe in an unlimited unique edition. A dedication may be requested.
For more information contact or call: 760 408 1881 and ask for Sharon.



Lion with Buffalo, Etching

EXHIBITS FROM  "The Animal Nature" Exhibition of Paintings, Serigraphs at the Computer Arts Gallery

2009 San Diego, CA


“LION WITH BUFFALLO"  Unique Etching”

Artist Hyacinthe Kuller Baron created this Graphic as an original one of a kind Unique Etching rendered in oil based Printer’s Inks on steel plate and pulled as a unique print in the 1990’s by the artist and is a signed Artist’s Proof IN PENCIL. Description: Graphic Print. ContemporaryModern,Figurative,Expressionist. UNIQUE  ETCHING.” 
                                            CURRENT  RETAIL VALUE: $26,500.00.

 “My art is ‘Transmigrational” a phrase I use to express my concern with an aesthetic  ideal so the duality of Human and Animal nature becomes an expression of harmony.”  Hyacinthe Kuller Baron

The sense of movement is captured with only the essential lines and inferred sense of form. The light and shaded washes are the trademark of the Master Artist Hyacinthe Kuller Baron whose influences have been Marcel Duchamp, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Hyacinthe is also a sculptor, published author and produced playwright, video film maker, gallery owner, and a Graphic and Fashion and Home Furnishings designer. Distributed world-wide her works are in the Smithsonian, Detroit Mona and other museum, private and celebrity collections. Medium:  Oil  based Printer’s Lithographic inks on Arches watercolor archival weight paper,  Paynes Gray, Irridecent silver and gold, blue green, washes, burnt Sienna  accents. Framing: Mounted in a Lucite Box.


Disclaimer re EBay
: Per Hyacinthe Kuller:
Please be wary of fraudulent copies of Hyacinthe Art Works on Ebay and other Auction sites on the internet, as unscrupulous sellers will post works that are not authorized and not authentic. Many images posted to these sites have been plagiarized with forged signatures, added colors and false marks.
Buyer Beware! Before buying what seems a great deal on Hyacinthe's ever increasing values on authentic art works, it would be wise to check with for authentication before making a purchase of a worthless image listing prices that are way below market values..

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