Hyacinthe, the one-name wonder: Master Artist and Author.
Hyacinthe, About. Hyacinthe. A one name artist. Otherwise known as Hyacinthe Kuller Baron. Hyacinthe. A beautiul spring flower. Saint Hyacinthe? I wish. Saint Hyacinthe, a town in Canada. Not me. Hyacinthe Rigaud. Another great woman artist. Hyacinthe. About the artist, author; Protege of Marcel Duchamp. "Hyacinthe is one of the finest natural draughtsman I have ever encountered." Marcel Duchamp."With one stroke of an extremely talented hand Hyacinthe creates a line of such delicacy that it describes the nature of form and the intensity of light to create the illusion of movement in time. This is our great work then, this is the intention of 2 dimensional art, the distinguishing factor from photography...the indescribable ability of a great artist to capture a moment...to infer the past, the present and the future. This is why we draw, why we make graphic and visual art...to infer. This is why Hyacinthe is truly a master artist." Hyacinthe, fashion designer, home fashion designer, queen of hand painted silk fashions for the body and the home. Fashion Designer to Celebrities and Stars, the lists go on and on: Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Onassis, Chris Evert, Maude Adams, Lady Guiness, Princess Luciana Pignatelli Avedon, Mrs. Bartle Bull, Babe Paley, Lady Slim Keith, Candice Bergen, Merle Oberon, Audrey Hepburn, Joan Lunden, Jane Russell, Anne Turkel.Portrait painter, Marilyn Monroe, Martha Raye, Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor. Protege of famous designer Charles James, creator of Haute Couture Fashion for the great ladies of the 20's through the 40's: Mrs. William Randolph Hearst, Gypsy Rose Lee, Millicent Rogers, Mable Dodge Luhan, Mrs. Wanamaker, The DeMenils. Couture designer Hyacinthe in a league with Halston, Norma Kamali, Gloria Vanderbilt, Diane Von Furstenberg, Mary McFadden. "In the 80's only Hyacinthe and Norma Kamali carry on the great traditiions of couture and practise the basic premise of artistic, imaginative creations, custom made for the individual client. Always the emphasis is on tailoring and fit, body correction through the magic of dressmaking in the tradition of Madame Vionett and Fortuny." Charles James, 1980 at the opening of The Hyacinthe Boutique on Madison Avenue and 67th Street in New York City. "The S Shape. The foundation of all structure and couture.The ability to sculpt a dress to it any size because the form is built in to the garment." Charles James. When he died he named Hyacinthe heiress to his original patterns and the muslim patterns he created with his remarkable seaming hand painted by Hyacinthe. These patterns were presented to the Fashion Leaders of the world at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City in 1979. On January 27th, 1976, in a feature headlined: "GETTING PAINT ON THEIR CLOTHES" fashion doyenne for The New York Post stated:" The nicest thing about the Hyacinthe Collection is that it includes both custom-made designs and ready to wear versions. The custom mades are in individual pieces, painted by Hyacinthe alone and literally created as to form and depth for the customer. The Ready To Wear adapted from the custom mades are laid on canvas and painted by members of the workshop staff under Hyacinthe's direction. In an article featuring Hyacinthe fashions, writing in the New York Post on November 4th, 1976, Ruth Preston:"Many women order the first time because they are not true sizes and need their clothes custom made: they continue as clients because they like the unique look of the handpainted fabrics and the individual shaping." Ruth Preston continues: "Luciana Pignatelli Avedon is wearing a Hyacinthe butterfly painted flutter of a chiffon dress in her TV commercials for Camay. Will the search engines get it right?



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Hyacinthe, (one-name wonder woman) was the darling of the Fashionista's, the reporters and doyennes who ruled fashion in the late 1970's and early 80's. Eleanor Lambert, Diana Vreeland, Princess Pignatelli, Ruth Preston, Eugenia Sheppard.

From her charming Art Gallery cum Haute Couture Boutique on Madison Avenue and 67th Street, Hyacinthe sculpted the one of a kind fashions worn by Jacqueline Onassis, Lee Radziwill, Lady Slim Keith, Gloria Guiness, Chris Evert, Maude Adams, Babe Paley, Princess Luciana Pignatelli, Elizabeth Taylor, Candice Bergen. The list goes on and on.

Hyacinthe, a protege of Charles James, Halston, Marcel Duchamp, is a painter, a graphic artist, sculptor, author, produced playright, poet, filmmaker, and all self taught and inspired. John Lennon described Hyacinthe as "One of a kind. She taught what I needed to know to express myself by drawing Bag One."

Hyacinthe's art is in the Smithsonian and other Museums and Private collections, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Martha Raye.

"Hyacinthe For The Artistic Soul" is a book of poems dating back to the artist's days in Greenwich Village with Jackson Pollack, Wilhelm DeKooning, Steve McQueen, Art Ford, Conrad Janis, Andy Warhol, Lichtenstein, Johns, on and on,  through the celebrity filled and exciting life she led as an artist, businesswoman, wife, mother and published author.

Illustrated with black and white reproductions of many paintings of mothers and children, beautiful women, hand painted fashions, sculptures. From Sable PublishingHyacinthe images grace the covers of all Sable Book Titles) "Hyacinthe For the Artistic Soul", ISBN 0975435477 is due out in December 2004 and submitted for a Pulitzer prize, promises to regale with the fragrance of a one of a kind creation.

Hyacinthe displays her available and archived art courtesy of The Hyacinthe Kuller Baron Museum of Art on web sites to a world wide audience of old and new collectors. Visit: www.barongalleries.com; www.sablepublishing.com; www.wwar.com; Hyacinthe books are available from Ingram Book Company and online websites Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com and other fine booksellers.