Portrait Sculpture: Marilyn Profile, Terra Cotta Clay, Fiberglass Cloth, Epoxy Resin
Portrait Sculpture, Marilyn, 3/4 View. Terra Cotta, clay, fiberglass cloth, epoxy resins
Figure sculpture, stone clay, Marilyn, 13"x 4", painted

When Master Artist Hyacinthe Kuller Baron was a child prodigy, she dreamed of one day having all her drawings, paintings, sculptures, fashion and home designs and writings in one collection in a museum that would honor her life as a creator and her lifelong pursuit of beauty in all artistic forms.

When her mentor Marcel Duchamp told Hyacinthe the story of the artist Maria Bashkirstief, the delicate Russian who left a tomb dedicated to her art in Nice to whom thousands of Frenchmen make a pilgrimage each year, Hyacinthe knew that one day she would do the same.

The collections are currently archival and housed on web sites on the world wide internet. Like the artist herself, The HKBMOA will explore, create, and develop new ways to archive and exhibit the creations of the artist and all the many forms of expression that talent takes.

Hyacinthe has always considered her artistic talent as a very special and revered gift and is thankful to her family and supporters throughout the years who have enabled her to fulfill her abilities. Appreciation is due to the thousands of collectors, who thanks to the internet are able to reach her in greater numbers than ever and to the children of those collectors who have known Hyacinthe's talents and creativities for as one individual put it, "for my lifetime."

Hyacinthe is aware that not many artists are as privileged as she has been to be able to pursue their art as she has and to enjoy the admiration of her collectors as she has.

The Hyacinthe Kuller Baron Museum of Art is under a mandate to make the appreciation of art and artistic pursuit as the golden thread that leads to the understanding of the basic beauty of the human spirit and of the freedom that is every individual's birthright.

The Musuem's mission is to dissiminate this message through donations to public and charitible foundations and through the PROTEGE MENTOR PROGRAM inspired by Hyacinthe's own mentors: Marcel Duchamp, Andre Malraux, Salvadore Dali, Charles James, John Lennon, Jackson Pollack, Wilhelm DeKooning, Franz Kline, Bil Cosby, Bob Dylan, Lou Gossett, Diahan Carroll, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Marilyn Monroe, Martha Raye, Eve Amigone Nelson and so many other wonderful artist's and thinkers.

Monumental Sculpture:
Public and Private Commissions and Donations


Hyacinthe Kuller Baron has maintained artistic success during a professional 50 year career as a painter and sculptor which has included numerous and generous donations and innumerable Public and Private Art Commissions and Exhibitions. Hyacinthe has a prestigious history of designing site specific art and sculpture installations, invitational submissions and project proposals for Museum and Institutional Exhibitions and Monumental Sculpture Commissions. 

Hyacinthe Kuller Baron is a world reknowned pioneer in the art and science of sculptural materials used in innovative combinations involving chemical symbiosis of ancient clays, monosonite granite, magnetic sand particles and neo plastics, polymers, vinyl and acrylic, fiberglass fabrics and fillers and epoxy resins with which she both sculpts maquettes, large size metal armatured and Monumental Sculptures.




1.     Mother Earth

Joshua Tree National Monument, Wonder Valley, CA, 5 acre site. Trustee’s  of The Hyacinthe Kuller Baron Museum of Art Museum Without Walls Project Commission in cooperation with The Christopher Stevens Gallery, Santa Monica, Ca. 1990: 6'5"x6'3": Maquette: Plaster, acrylic polymer paints, fiberglass fabrics, epoxy resins.



2. The Ice Priest of The Lotus: Exhibited at The Gallery, Hayes Street, San Francisco, Ca. 1994, 7'x3': Steel, aluminum, concrete, clay, fiberglass, resin, plaster and bronze. created for the Public Sculpture Park a 1 acre site installation, 1994.

3. The Lotus Keeper: Public Sculpture Park, Stinson Beach, Ca. 1994: 5'x4', clay, oxides, fiberglass, epoxy resins, bronze sand casting with epoxy resin patina.


4. The Surfers Monument: Laguna Beach, Ca, 1992: Commissoned by The Kalos Kagathos Foundation for the Huntington Beach Public Beach Park entrance: Maquette 5'x3', clay, fiberglass and epoxy resins.

5. Heroes: San Francisco Art Commission Collection, San Francisco, Ca., 1983: Maquettes for Monument and Series: Low fire clay with oxides, clay with fiberglass and epoxy resins. Hero Head Study: Masked Hero Warrior: Wounded Hero Warrior.
6. Virginia Wolf as a Mullti Racial Woman: 1981: 4'3' Commissioned by Lady Sarah Churchill and Charles James for The Alfred and Victoria Museum, London: Bronze cast from Plaster Mold Maquette: Front View:In the Sculpture Park Installation Site at Stinson Beach, Ca.
Hyacinthe is available for sculpture, monuments and portrait commissions:
e-mail: hyacinthe@barongallery.com or call 760 320 4760

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